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Professional Auto Detailing

We are excited to announce that we will now be offering auto detail services to all of our northbound snowbird customers and inbound transport customers beginning on March 1st, 2023.


In an attempt to keep things as simple as possible, we are offering a limited selection of detail packages that can be completed once your vehicle arrives in Seabrook and prior to delivery of your vehicle to you.


The packages available are as follows. If you are interested, you can confirm which one you’d like completed by replying back to your reservation confirmation email the package you are interested in. 

If you are interested in other services or options please inquire. 



  • Express Hand Wash with Vacuum - $75

    • Basic Hand wash exterior with interior carpet vacuum. 

  • Complete Exterior Only - $149

    • Hand wash and complete exterior detail including windows, wheels, tires, trim etc. 

  • Complete Interior Only - $195

    • Interior Vacuum

    • Full interior detail on all surfaces including windows, seats, carpets, dash, vents etc


  • Complete Interior and Exterior Detail - $295

    • Exterior wash and detail with paint sealant (3-month protection).

    • Complete interior vacuum and detail on all surfaces.  

  • The Works Package - $395

    • Exterior detail and reconditioning with paint sealant (6-month protection).

    • Complete interior detail and reconditioning on all surfaces with floor mat and leather conditioner.



*All packages are completed by a trained professional detailer. *Please note that detailing can cause a later delivery date of your vehicle. *Pricing can vary for exceptionally soiled or dirty vehicles and/or oversized trucks or SUVs. *Rates are subject to change.

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